RedTree Capital is a private real estate fund manager focused on value add-opportunistic investments in Western Europe.
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RedTree Capital / Responsibility

Environmental – Social – Governance


✔ RedTree Capital believes in improving the operational performance (energy efficiency) of assets through redevelopment and refurbishment projects.
✔ 40% reduction in energy consumption is targeted across RedTree’s portfolio by 2030. Investment in smart building and building operating systems will be used to collect data and track building performance.
✔ This year, RedTree Capital will set out a roadmap to participate in the 2021 GRESB real estate assessment, beginning with the collection of portfolio-wide consumption.
✔ RedTree Capital has also formalized its commitment to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, becoming a signatory in early 2021.


✔ RedTree Capital also undertakes a broader consideration of wider ESG-related risks and opportunities relating to health and safety, occupier wellbeing and community needs. To this end, RedTree Capital works with service providers and advisers who have a proven track record in delivering value added services in sustainability and environmental management.
✔ Environmental certifications already awarded, or reasonably expected, for various investments made by the fund to date include: BREEAM Excellent, HQE Excellent, Well Health & Safety, Wiredscore Platinium, Smartscore Platinium, Ready2Services 3 Stars.


✔ Strong governance, discipline, loyalty and entrepreneurial spirit are foundations of RedTree Capital’s investment and management approach.
✔ Key principles include, among others: (i) skilled, dedicated and incentivised professionals, (ii) transparency, (iii) the prioritisation of capital preservation, (iv) rigorous investment and operational procedures, (v) strong alignments of interest with LPs, and (vi) appropriate independence for certain key functions.

Compliance with SFDR

According to Article 3 and Article 4 of the Disclosure Regulation (Regulation EU 2019/2088), the purpose of this document is to present:
✔ How RedTree Capital policies integrate sustainability risks into their investment decision making process.
✔ A statement on the due diligence policies with respect to Principal Adverse Impacts.

The Remuneration Policy and Inclusion of Sustainability Risks (Article 5)

Individual assessments and objectives will include qualitative and quantitative elements related to the environmental or social characteristics of the investments and the sustainability risk of the portfolios managed. The evaluations and remuneration of the staff concerned will be determined on the basis of the achievement of these qualitative and quantitative objectives. The management of these sustainability risks is intrinsically linked to the activity of an asset manager for whom it is imperative to take these long-term issues into account in its investment strategy in view of the duration of holding the assets in the portfolio.